PASA B-licence and above only!
We will be doing a total of 3 loads
First load takes off at 19:00

If you want to sign up please complete the Night Jumps Sign Up Form below.


  • Regular Skydive Robertson jumpers must have jumped once during the day to be allowed to participate
  • If you haven’t jumped at Skydive Robertson in the last 3 months you must jump twice during the day
  • Remember you’ll need an illuminating altimeter or an altimeter with a backlight; an audible alone is not enough
  • There is a pre-jump briefing at 17:30, if you miss the briefing you won’t be allowed to jump.

Skydive Robertson members doing licence requirements will get preference.  All jumpers and equipment to be approved by the CI.

Bring your own luminescent sticks, warm clothes and other night time accessories such as a hand torch, which can be very useful.  After the night jumps we braai.

Night Jumps Sign Up Form

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Location: Skydive Robertson