Dust off your old jumpsuit and let’s fly!

It’s time for our annual Old PHARTS reunion weekend, where some of the founding fathers of the sport get back together on the dropzone and in some cases, get re-current and do a jump. Ex-Western Province Sports Parachute Club (WPSPC) members get a waiver on club membership for the weekend and PASA provide waivers to bona fide WPSPC jumpers. For the newer jumpers, this is an awesome weekend filled with stories from the early days of South African skydiving and you can learn a lot of new tricks from some old dogs!

To participate in the Old PHARTS 2016 event, we will need;

  • Your name (the one you used when you last jumped if it isn’t the same)
  • Your age
  • Your number of jumps.
  • The year you last jumped
  • Your licence number, if you still have it

This year’s jump prices will be the standard Skydive Robertson prices.

  • R320 per jump
  • R100 per jump gear hire
  • R10 for each item extra i.e. goggles, helmet, altimeter & jump suit

And, as always, please spread the word to any former WPSPC members you’re still in touch with. For more information on how to book please contact Colin by e-mail.

Location: Skydive Robertson