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About Skydive Robertson

Skydive Robertson Skydive Robertson is situated at the Robertson Airfield, a touch to the east of the picturesque and historic town of Robertson. We are 147km from Cape Town CBD and at the heart of the scenic world renowned Wine Route - “Route 62”. Wikipedia – Robertson, Western Cape

Currently celebrating our 40th year of operations, the Western Province Sport Parachute Club (trading as Skydive Robertson) is the longest running Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA) approved Drop Zone.

The club operates on weekends and public holidays throughout the year (during the week on special request and subject to a minimum number of bookings). We attract everyone from first time jumpers and students through to sports skydivers of all levels of experience from all skydiving disciplines from all walks of life. All are welcome.

What does Skydive Robertson offer?

  • Tandem Skydiving (10 minute briefing / 35-45 seconds of freefall / 5-7 minute parachute ride)
  • Ground School (6-8 hours - theory and practical)
  • Traditional Static Line Progression Training (24 Jump Program)
  • Modern Accelerated FreeFall Training (10 Jump Program)
  • Intermediate through to advanced and specialist training in various skydiving disciplines
  • Sports skydiving and team training for various skydiving and parachuting disciplines, like Formations Skydiving and Freeflying
  • Team builds, corporate days, engagements, bachelors, anniversaries, birthday parties and more…
  • High profile public parachute displays at events or for product launches
Tandem Skydiving

Skydive Robertson on Facebook

Skydive Robertson Skydive Robertson  Just another day at the happiest orphanage in Africa.
1 days and 0 hours ago
Jason BosmanLars EckmannMarcelle Benneyworth and 28 others  likes this.
Gert van Zyl
Gert van Zyl This orphan will be very happy and grateful if someone knows of the whereabouts of his brand new red Nike's that he left in the hanger last week
13 hours and 34 minutes ago
Joan Du Preez
Joan Du Preez Goed hou so aan !
19 hours and 12 minutes ago
Tracy McOwen
Tracy McOwen Glad to see Skydive Robertson still very much involved in putting a smile on those children's faces. Well done guys.
20 hours and 26 minutes ago

Upcoming Event | Breakfast Fly in

Where: Skydive Robertson
Starts: 21 mar '15

Freefly Robertson on Facebook

Freefly Robertson Freefly Robertson  Messing around ;)
falling :)
This video is about Free
139 days and 17 hours ago

Featured Photo | What a stunning day!

What a stunning day!
Cornette BlignautGillian DownsKris Coetzee and 30 others  likes this.
Jeremy Edward Smith
Jeremy Edward Smith timmo!
909 days and 14 hours ago
Cape Route 62
Cape Route 62 Blue skies and no wind
909 days and 18 hours ago
Pengi Chen
Pengi Chen :(
910 days and 0 hours ago
Richard Kuhn
Richard Kuhn That plane been a jump ship for long time, remember jumping her 20 years ago.
910 days and 2 hours ago
Ivan Ayliffe
Ivan Ayliffe Ouch!
910 days and 3 hours ago
upcoming events
Breakfast Fly in
Where: Skydive Robertson
Starts: 21 Mar '15
Robertson Rumble
Where: Skydive Robertson
Starts: 3 Apr '15
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