Foreign Visiting Jumpers

Foreign Visiting Jumpers

This page contains notes for experienced foreign visiting jumpers relating to association memberships and license requirements. All experienced foreign visiting jumper must fulfill the following requirements to be cleared to jump.

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  • Experienced foreign visiting jumpers must be fully paid up members of their respective association; proof will be requested.
  • Experienced foreign visiting jumpers are only granted visiting status for the first three months of their stay in South Africa, after which they must join the Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA) and qualify as a licenced PASA skydiver.
  • All visiting jumpers who are members of foreign associations are permitted to jump at Skydive Robertson with a temporary club membership. For more details see our Membership Costs.

It is highly recommended that any visiting jumpers attain a PASA license if they are intending to stay in South Africa for more than three months to allow them to continue to jump with the same freedom. Also note that foreign association licences are not directly transferable to PASA licenses.  All experienced foreign visiting jumpers must fulfil all the PASA requirements for any particular PASA license, or their equivalent. In other words, a US Parachute Association (USPA) B licence or a British Parachute Association (BPA) B license does not automatically equate to a PASA B licence.

You can find all our jumps costs on our Experienced jumper page.

PASA Licenses

The following is a list of requirements for the different PASA licenses.

A License

  • At least 25 parachute descents.
  • Complete a PASA Progression Programme.
  • Complete the Intermediate Skills Programme (ISP).
  • Have received instruction in packing a main parachute.
  • Pass the A licence test as administered by the Chief Instructor (CI).

B License

  • At least 75 free fall descents.
  • Hold a valid A licence.
  • Prior to jumping non-student equipment:
    • have received an advanced canopy control briefing (logged).
    • have demonstrated safe, competent canopy control to the satisfaction of his CI (own spot).
  • Obtained Category III status in a recognised discipline.
  • Pass the B Licence test as administered by the CI.

C License

  • 200 free fall descents.
  • Hold a valid B licence.
  • One intentional night jump.
  • A planned water jump briefing by his CI.
  • Demonstrated his ability to his Safety Officer (SO)/CI to spot safely and competently.
  • Have passed the C licence test as administered by the CI.
  • Have complied with the C licence minima in a recognised discipline.

D License

  • 500 free fall descents.
  • Hold a valid C licence.
  • Participated in the SA National Championships in a recognised discipline.
  • One night skydive with at least one other skydiver of the same discipline.
  • Successfully completed a PASA-approved Jump Master course.
  • Have complied with the D licence minima in a recognised discipline.
  • Have attended a PASA sanctioned boogie.