The quickest way to improve your skydiving is to get coaching from a professional coach in your chosen discipline. This means understanding the core principles of flight, which include learning proper body position and balance, fall rate, forwards and backwards motion, side slides, and turns. It is never too early or too late to learn the principles through skydive coaching, even as soon as you receive your A license.

Everyone is excited when they start skydiving and will rush off to jump with people of similar skill levels. Your basic skills and the skills of the people you are jumping with may be pretty basic which may lead to frustrating experiences. It is not uncommon for new skydivers to zoom around the sky without much proximity to the people they are jumping with, so after repeated attempts and a jumps later, boredom and frustration can easily set in.

Skydive Robertson Freeflying Dock

Skydive Robertson offers coaching for experienced skydivers in a variety of skydiving disciplines and to skydivers of all skill levels. Please take into consideration that certain skydiving disciplines require a skydiver to complete prerequisites; a qualified coach would be able to assist you with these pre-requisites.

Coaching Disciplines

Formation Skydiving

Skydive Robertson Coaching Formation Relative

Formation skydiving (FS), also known as relative work (RW), is the art of creating formations in freefall with multiple people gripping each others’ limbs or specially built grippers on their jumpsuits.  FS is always performed in a belly-to-earth position where skydivers cycle through a fixed number of formations as many times at they can before deploying their canopies.

Freefly Coaching

Skydive Robertson Coaching Freefly

Freeflying, sometimes referred to as Artistic Events (AE) is an expansion of skydiving involving freefalling in various vertical orientations, as opposed to the traditional belly-to-earth orientation. Freeflying extends into vertical flight where the flyer is in an upright position (falling feet first) or in an inverted position (falling head first). These positions increase freefall speeds and make new types of formations and routines possible.

Wingsuit Coaching

Skydive Robertson Coaching Wingsuit

Wingsuit flying is the sport of flying through the air using a special suit, called a wingsuit. Wingsuits add surface area to a skydiver with fabric between the legs and under the arms to create lift. A wingsuit flight ends with the parachute opening after flying a circuit around the landing zone. A wingsuit enables a skydiver to extend their freefall time from roughly 45 seconds on a normal skydive to around two minutes.