Pre-Manifest Request

Pre-Manifest Request Form

To book spots on loads on pre-manifest for the next operating weekend, please fill out the form below.  The names below will be arranged on to loads the evening before we operate.

    Which days are you coming?

    How many jumps do you want to do?

    Fields with * are required

    Indicative Pre-Manifest

    The pre-manifest list below is only to show you who has already pre-manifested.  These are unlikely to be the final loads because, well, skydiving…

    Note the following;

    • We will fill loads based when people arrive.  If we have a full load and you are not on the DZ, regardless of where your name appears on the list, the load will go.
    • Having two rigs DOES NOT mean you can manifest twice.  If you have two rigs you can manifest as soon as you land if your second rig is already packed.  To go on the board you need to be packed, briefed and ready.