Skydiving Courses

Our Mission

We aim to offer the skydiving courses you need to take you from zero to hero and enjoy the amazing, incredible, exhilarating, indescribable feeling of freefall in the safest possible environment.

All of our students start by doing a static line jump, which means attending our First Time Jump (FTJ) course. The course prepares you for everything you need to know about canopy control, landing, emergency procedures and safety checks.

After you’ve done your first static line jump you can then choose between continuing along the static line route by completing Static Line Progression then Freefall Progression, referred to as Student Progression, or switch to Accelerated Freefall (AFF); The choice is yours.

Once you’ve completed either Student Progression or Accelerated Freefall (AFF) you can then start with the Intermediate Skills Progression jumps (ISPs) and then complete the PASA A license.

We can take you from your first jump right through to becoming a competent and self-sufficient skydiver, and then start adding more advanced skills in formation skydiving, freeflying and wingsuiting.

4-way Formation Skydiving

Our Courses

Tandem Skydiving

Turn up, get briefed, kit up, get in the plane and then jump from 11,000 feet and freefall for 40 seconds! It's as easy as that...

Static Line Skydiving

The traditional method of making a first jump and still the most affordable. In total, this approach is a series of 24 jumps.

Accelerated Freefall

AFF is 10 jump program takes you further and teaches how to jump out of a plane and how to perform a stable skydive while performing a number of different exercises.

What We Offer

Get Certified

Get Certified

Our instructors can certify you for licenses and ratings all the way up to Jumpmaster. Your first aim is to get your PASA A license when you have 25 jumps.

Team Training

Team Training

Sports skydiving and team training for various skydiving and parachuting disciplines, like formation skydiving and freeflying.

Further Training

Further Training

Intermediate through to advanced and specialist training in various skydiving disciplines to help you get higher skydiving licenses.