Our Dropzone

Our Dropzone

Skydive Robertson is a friendly skydiving dropzone situated at Robertson Airfield, east of the picturesque and historic town of Robertson. We are found at the heart of the scenic world renowned Route 62, where you can find South Africa’s finest wines. The Skydive Robertson has been running for 52 years years and is the longest running Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA) approved dropzone in South Africa. The club operates on weekends and public holidays throughout the year, except Christmas and New Year, and during the week on special request subject to a minimum number of bookings.

The club attracts everyone from nervous tandems, first time jumpers through to sports skydivers of all levels of experience from all skydiving disciplines. For those wanting to learn to skydive we recommend a tandem skydive, although this isn’t essential. For those that want to train to skydive on their own we offer a ground school, traditional Static Line Progression and Freefall Progression, and Accelerated Freefall (AFF) training. While there are plenty of shops in Robertson, there are none at the airfield so we suggest you bring along your own water, soft drinks, snacks, cooler boxes, charcoal, food, camping chairs, and anything else that would make your day more comfortable. We can’t guarantee precise times so pack a picnic and come and make a day of it and soak up the unique atmosphere of a lively dropzone.

Visiting Skydive Robertson

With 52 wineries within a 10km radius, Robertson is known as the valley of wine and roses and home to a number of award winning wineries. The entire area is very tourist friendly with lots to see and do as well as many great places to eat and to stay in the immediate area (from budget through to exclusive).
Most of our members camp at the dropzone for the weekend and visitors are more than welcome to set-up camp, make use of the braai facilities and to stay over the entire weekend with the rest of us. There is a non-member camping fee of R30 per person or R100 per family for the weekend. There are numerous supermarkets and shops in town if you need anything.
The entire area is spectacularly beautiful, especially from high above the ground whilst skydiving! We look forward to welcoming you, your friends and family to Skydive Robertson, and introducing you to the exhilarating sports of skydiving and parachuting.
Please provide the required information when requesting and confirming bookings. Deposits are required to secure bookings. To stand the best chance of obtaining your preferred day, do not delay.

Skydive Robertson Tandem

Tandem skydives at Skydive Robertson include giving you the chance to see the beautiful wine valley from 11,000 feet

Skydive Robertson Sunset

Skydive Robertson is arguably the most beautiful dropzone is South Africa.  The stunning views make Robertson an amazing place to skydive.

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