Dropzone Briefing

Landing Areas

Landing Areas Briefing Map1

Skydive Robertson Landing Areas

Green: Alternate Landing Areas

  1. Showgrounds
  2. High school
  3. Primary school
  4. Rugby club – Beware of flood lights
  5. Soccer ground
  6. Open farmland
  7. Open farmland
  8. Open area – walk down the gravel road to gate

Orange: Hazardous Landing Areas

  1. Vineyard – Land with the rows
  2. Open area – Uneven ground
  3. Open area – Uneven ground
  4. Hospital and housing estate – Walk to most northerly gate in order to exit. Beware of surrounding palisade fence,
  5. Radio control airfield

Red: Extremely Hazardous Landing Areas

  1. Small dam, surrounded by razor wire
  2. Shopping mall
  3. Substation and power lines

Airfield boundary fence indicated in red dotted lines on map.

Landing Areas: Close Up

Approach Patterns Briefing Map1

Landing Areas: Close Up

Green: Landing Areas

  1. Intermediate and B license landing area
  2. C and D license landing area

Orange: Alternate Landing Areas

  1. Space as indicated and length of grass runway


  1. Bright pink WINDSOCK

Red: Hazards

  1. Power line and telephone line
  2. Hangars
  3. Telephone lines and streetlamps
  4. Power lines and streetlamps

Approach Patterns

Approach Patterns Briefing Map

Landing Areas: Approach Patterns

Follow blue arrows for easterly (from the east) wind direction and orange arrows for westerly (from the west) wind direction. Predominant winds are up and down the dirt/grass runway.

For those who don’t know east from west, on this map is north is at the top, east is on the right, west is on the left. south is the bottom.

Or the shops are on the west of the map.

General Information

Gear and logbook check will be carried out on visiting jumpers.
Double manifesting will be permitted.
You will still be liable for your slot should you miss a load.
Two yellow cards equals a red card, which means you’re off for an early bath and you’re outta here!

Boarding Calls

The following PA calls will be given:

  1. 15 minute kit up call
  2. 5 minute move out call

Exit Order

This is the exit order for all jumps.

  1. Flat track
  2. Belly big
  3. Belly small
  4. Freefly big
  5. Freefly small
  6. Angle flying
  7. Tandem
  8. Wingsuit

Remember the exit order, there will be an exam.  Only joking, but don’t forget.


  • Boarding point will be at the fuel bowser.
  • Carry out gear check before boarding and pin checks before exit.
  • Wing suit and flat track must fly an approved pattern
  • A loadmaster will be appointed for every load.
  • Board the aircraft efficiently.
  • No movement up or down jump run in freefall.
  • No movement up or down jump run under canopy.
  • Fly 45 deg off jump run until canopies from the subsequent exit are visual.
  • Carry out a slow turn to right if flying through cloud is unavoidable
  • Do not cross the runway under 1000ft
  • Remain vigilant of traffic under canopy and on landing.
  • The King Air will be landing at the same time as the bigger canopies
  • Do not kite canopy after landing and beware of other canopies landing after you.
  • Do not land close to the runway
  • Landing on any tarred runway, taxiway, the ramp or the grass island between the ramp and runway IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Beware off turbulance using the PRO landing area in stronger SE, S and SW winds.
  • If in doubt use the A/B licence area
  • Exercise caution crossing the runway.

Packing Areas

Tarpaulin outside

Do not hog the packing area; get packed and move on.