Course Price List

Accelerated Freefall AFF Skydive Robertson
The intense wait, a racing heartbeat, a surge of adrenaline, moments of insanity, a strong gust of wind, before freefalling at 120 miles per hour!

Skydive Robertson's aim is to provide the safest skydiving environment with the best skydiving instruction at a price that's affordable. We want you to skydive and we want you to keep coming back to skydive with us. All of the prices below include instruction from some of the best instructors you can find in South Africa.

FTJ Course Price List

FTJ Course StandardR 2050
FTJ Course DeluxeR 3025
FTJ Course Standard (Student)R 1665
FTJ Course Deluxe (Student)R 2645
FTJ Course RefresherR 980

Static Line Progression Course Price List

Static Line (x3)3,500 feetR 575
Dummy Rip Cord (DRP) (x5)3,500 feetR 575

Freefall Progression Course Price List

3 Second Delay3,500 feetR 590
5 Second Delay3.500 feetR 590
10 Second Delay (1st)5,000 feetR 715
10 Second Delay (2nd)5,000 feetR 715
15 Second Delay6,000 feetR 715
15 Second Delay with Altimeter6,000 feetR 730
Twenty Second Poised Exit7,000 feetR 730
Twenty Second Dive Exit7,000 feetR 730
180 Degree Turns11,000 feetR 730
360 Degree Turns11,000 feetR 730
Backloops11,000 feetR 730
Full Series11,000 feetR 730
Delta in Two Directions11,000 feetR 730
Delta and Turn11,000 feetR 730
Delta and Track11,000 feetR 730
Spin Test11,000 feetR 730

All repeat jumps are charged at the same price as the original jump.

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Course Price List

AFF Level 1 Ground SchoolN/AR 650
AFF Levels 1, 2, 311,000 feetR 2500 (per jump)
AFF Level 4, 5, 6, 711,000 feetR 1755 (per jump)
AFF Levels 8, 911,000 feetR 995 (per jump)
AFF Level 103,500 feetR 790

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Course Price List - Repeats

AFF Levels 1, 2, 3 Repeats11,000 feetR 2365 (per jump)
AFF Levels 4, 5, 6, 7 Repeats11,000 feetR 1560 (per jump)
AFF Levels 8, 9 Repeats11,000 feetR 905 (per jump)
AFF Level 10 Repeats3,500 feetR 710

Tandem Course Price List

Tandem to 11000 foot11,000 feetR 2990
Handycam11,000 feetR 3680
Video & still photos from an outside camera flyer *11,000 feetR 4040
Deluxe Camera package (outside camera flyer & handycam) *11,000 feetR 4570

* Subject to the availability of a camera man

The Cost Low Down

Skydive Robertson asks that you do a FTJ course and at least one static line jump before making a decision on whether you want to do Student Progression or Accelerated Freefall. Based on you attending a FTJ course, doing one static line jump, then continuing with the AFF ground school and passing every level or test first time, Student Progression results in you having done 24 jumps and will cost R17,255 whereas Accelerated Freefall results in you having done 11 jumps at a cost of R20,000, but would result in quicker finish. The choice is yours…

For Student Progression you’ll need to complete 3 static line jumps and 5 dummy ripcord (DRP) jumps, of which one or three will be included as part your FTJ. When you do a dummy ripcord jump you need to keep hold of the dummy ripcord, if you drop it you’ll have to buy another for R60.

Think About It This Way

Looking at the straight costs of the different approaches and levels doesn’t really give you the full picture. Doing your training is not your final goal, your final goal is to become a competent and safe skydiver who continues to skydive regularly; and each of those fun jumps has a cost. A jump ticket for an experienced jumper is R390 to 11,000 feet; if you need to rent gear that’s R145 per jump which excludes a re-packing fee of R50. That means in total each jump will cost R585 until you have your own gear and you know how to pack.

So yes, there is a straight price for both the Student Progression and Accelerated Freefall, but when you subtract the cost of a fun jump from each level you then see the fee for the training part of each jump. For example, if you take the R730 cost of the final ten progression jumps and subtract R585, you’re left with R145 which is the cost for your briefing, dispatch and debrief.

The training component of your jumps just adds a little bit extra to cost of fuelling your growing addiction…