Thank you for showing interest in our sport. We appreciate that you chose our club for your first experience in the world of sky diving.

What can you expect from you tandem jump?

A Tandem sky dive is the ultimate way to experience the thrill of freefall with minimum preparation. Please be at the dropzone 30 minutes prior to your booking. We will do all the necessary paper work. We will arrange for the earliest flight available but please note that all our skydives are weather dependant, so you might be there for the day. Please bring drinks and snacks with you as we do not have a shop at the dropzone.

You will receive an intensive 20 minute briefing including an introduction to the equipment. You will be fitted into a harness. You will then join your instructor for an approximate 30 minute flight before you jump out, where he will take care of all the work while you enjoy your experience of a 40 second freefall from 11 000 feet, followed by a 5 minute canopy ride.

We will supply everything you require, all you need to bring along is closed shoes.

If you choose to take video and stills, an outside camera man will capture every moment of it. Note that the camera men are usually very busy and hope to do your edits immediately, but depending on the day’s events, they might only do it after the weekend, but will be sure to get it to you within the week.
Unfortunately a tandem does not give you a license to jump. If you want to pursue the sport you will have to attend a static line first jump course. Be sure to book with us.

You are welcome to join us for the weekend at Skydive Robertson. You are welcome to camp on our grounds, where we have kitchen and shower facilities. You need only bring your camping equipment, food and beverages and perhaps some braai wood for the evening’s events. We would love to get to know you around a fire in our more social environment.

Tandem to 9,500 feet9,500 feetR 3150
Handycam9,500 feetR 4300
Video & still photos from an outside camera flyer *9,500 feetR 4800
Deluxe Camera package (outside camera flyer & handycam) *9,500 feetR 5300

Requirements for a tandem skydive

  • A healthy dose of adrenaline.
  • Weight limit of 100kg.
  • Passengers under 18 years of age, will require a parental consent.

If you have any queries on a weekend please contact our manifest office on 023-626 1545.   To find us, please refer to the directions and map on our contact page.