Alister ‘Barney’ McQueen: Again! Again!

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Al McQueen Skydive Robertson

Pack lightly, was the instruction from Bev. So after a quick check of the essentials: skydiving rig, hiking rig, cooler box (with cold beverages, duh) and ProNutro, the Low Rider rolled out of town. Destination: JBay. But with no fixed plans and such beautiful countryside we decided to do some hiking along the way.  Two days later in the early afternoon we arrived at the JBay boogie. We registered, bought jump tickets, said howzit to old friends and watched as the PAC took off for what would be the last load for that day and the next 2 days.

Not a problem. A handful of us headed out the next morning for some more hiking, then down to Nature’s Valley for some body surfing with dolphins, lunch at the pub, a braai and finally sleeping on a tennis court. Thanks Fred.

We finally arrived back in JBay. The weather had improved and it was now time to skydive. Over the next few days we did several jumps. Starting off with some large FS jumps, 16 ways, 14 ways and 12 ways. With Erik’s good planning the jumps went well and we all enjoyed them, especially those with low jump numbers. Then it was time for some tracking jumps and some freeflying, which is always fun and produced smiles all round.

All in all some great skydives were enjoyed over the coastline of JBay and everyone relished in the time away. As I always say a great time was had by Al.

JBay Boogie 2013 Al & Kyle Could This Be The Blind Leading The Blind
Al & Kyle. Could This Be The Blind Leading The Blind?
JBay Boogie 2013 Formation Skydive
JBay Boogie 2013. Formation Skydive.

Some tips for people wanting to attend their first boogie:

  1. Camp. It’s cheaper i.e. more jump money
  2. Camp next to the largest tent, they always have the things you forgot to bring.
  3. Do lots of jumps and mix it up.
  4. Do a jump or two with a coach.
  5. Chat to fellow skydivers, there is a lot to be learnt on the ground.
  6. Enjoy the view of a different DZ.
  7. Go to the beach at 11:45 on New Year’s Eve and sit around a beautiful fire with 39 other skydivers all enjoying life.
  8. Have a backup plan for bad weather days and remember ProNutro is not only for breakfast.
  9. And finally for the WAFO family man, do not build a big beautiful fire on New Year’s Eve and expect to enjoy it alone.

See you at the next boogie,
Alister ‘Barney’ McQueen D809