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The T Word

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The words 'let’s go track' without fail will raise an enthusiastic response from those on the packing mat, particularly if it is close to sunset on a pleasant day. Let’s be honest, they are huge fun but as with most things in life with great reward comes great risk. Some of the most beautiful and … Continue reading The T Word

Big Pond, Small Pond

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When you are a student, especially if you are an eager and enquiring student, it is common to use every source at your disposal to find out more about your subject. Skydiving students are no different. There are huge amounts of information out there on the Internet – some of it good, some of it … Continue reading Big Pond, Small Pond

Know Your Gear

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Once in freefall the only thing separating you from the sound of heavenly trumpets and in the case of most of us a very long celestial Q&A session, is our equipment. Your rig is your life, nothing more and nothing less. For many skydivers the only in-depth exposure to their gear that they get is … Continue reading Know Your Gear

That Pesky Pilot Chute

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As an engineer I can tell you that any system, no matter how well thought through, designed and developed is simply a series of compromises. To achieve certain goals others must be sacrificed, you cannot have it all. The piggyback container system we jump today along with the three ring release mechanism and ripcord method … Continue reading That Pesky Pilot Chute

It’s Complicated

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Most skydivers once they get their 'A' look at this big wide world of skydiving possibility that has been opened to them with enthusiastic glee and immediately do a brilliant impression of skydivers in a bottle store with no adult supervision. Well slow down there my happy possums, things may not be as simple as … Continue reading It’s Complicated

Getting Lucky

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"I got lucky" are not my favourite words to hear. A wise and very experienced skydiver once told me that when people start getting lucky, things are getting out of control. Something that resonated with me and that I have never forgotten. Skydiving is all about taking an existing skill set and expanding on it … Continue reading Getting Lucky