Rene ‘Sky’ Keller: My First JBay Boogie

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Rene Sky Keller tracking over Jeffrey's Bay

A boogie to me is all about coming together with a whole bunch of people that all want to skydive a crap load. This year’s boogie in J-Bay was exactly that!  It was my 1st time to skydive there. I must say, quite a different setup to what I was used to, but awesome nevertheless; stunning views, beach landings, awesome DZ and high altitude!  All of the skydivers were great people, awesome hospitality, and everyone was super keen to jump.
An event like this allows you to meet new people in the sport from all over, jump with new folks, do bigger formations, flocks, whatever… (and whole bunch of random stuff that you came up with the night before).. from higher altitude, out of a big plane that gets there real fast! :-))))  I had a great time, awesome parties and a hilarious New Years! I would encourage every skydiver to attend a skydiving boogie at least once every year!

Here’s the AE video trailer I put out a week after the boogie!

Here’s my complete boogie video to show you how much fun we had during the boogie.

Here’s a tip! Get yourself a big ass glass jar…. call it the boogie jar… haha… and every week start to put some bucks in it, so when December comes u got a couple of grand to blow on skydiving!

Thank you for the organisers, and everyone that came down to make it all happen!

Happy Jumping for 2014 and BLUE SKIES!

Rene ‘Sky’ Keller