Eat, Drink and Be Merry

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Skydiving while Eating

From the desk of the CI

Here you have it folks.  Dieting is dangerous. Yes, it’s true and heard it here first.

OK, not really true but what is dangerous is the lack of proper nutrition and more importantly fluid intake (of the non alcoholic kind) during the course of the day.

Andre d'Argent Chief Instructor Skydive RobertsonPeople having fun, working and jumping hard and going from one adrenaline spike to the next often forget to eat and drink properly. The tension and ‘butterflies’ for the newer jumpers certainly does not help. The resultant drop in blood sugar and fluids can leave you light headed and susceptible to fainting. Oddly enough, you may also want to throw up. Not so much a problem in freefall when adrenaline is carrying the day but certainly in the aircraft, under canopy or after landing. Who wants to pull off a magnificent stand up landing in full view of your friends only to pitch headfirst into a thorn bush with your lights out a moment later?

So make sure you bring food to eat during the day… we have fridges. No, cheese curls are not food. Drink water, lots of it. Robertson gets HOT, very HOT. It’s easy to drink 4-6 litres of water during the day and not visit the toilets once. That means you are dehydrated. Your bladder gets board at the DZ, give it something to do.

Lastly now that I have you eating and drinking like happy Sumo wrestlers, please put your rubbish in the bins provided.

Happy munching and drinking………… oh and jumping, just DFU.