A Short Note On Boogies

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Diaz Beach Boogie Skydive Mossel Bay

So, the end of the year is upon us and the usual migration of Robertson skydivers to the boogies held by dropzones near and far will soon commence. I would like to take this opportunity to dispense some quick tips and advice to those of you who will be experiencing their first boogie.

First and foremost. Point one.

  • The ground is as hard at a boogie as it is at any other time…. remember this. The laws of physics do not magically change over Christmas and New year (except for a certain fat guy and his reindeer).

And now in no particular order, the other random points.

Andre d'Argent Chief Instructor Skydive Robertson

  • For those of you who have only ever jumped out of a 6 seat Cessna, a sky filled with 16 other parachutes can be a daunting proposition. Keep your head on a swivel, look before you turn and be slow and predictable in your turns. FOLLOW the landing pattern and don’t race the traffic to the ground.
  • Low man/low performance has right of way. You can see him, he might not be able to see you.
  • It is better to walk 300 meters than to be carried 30.
  • Do not track down jump run.
  • You will meet a lot of new people who will freely dispense advice with great enthusiasm and conviction…. not all of it good. Robertson may have Jumpmasters and Instructors at the boogie. Ask them to point out who is who in the zoo. If that is not possible, ask the boogie safety officer (The only person there not smiling is a good indication as to who they are.)
  • Get an orientation briefing, gear check and take a look at the plane configuration before jumping.
  • Challenge yourself. Do things that are difficult. If unsure refer to Point 1.
  • Keep hydrated (Beer is not good for hydration)
  • Do not annoy manifest.
  • Pack quickly after you jump and don’t clutter the packing mat.
  • Check your gear before each jump.
  • If the aircraft is fitted with jump lights you will be extremely unpopular if you shout ‘dooooor’ the moment the yellow light comes on. In fact, just don’t shout ‘doooor’
  • Waste money.

Come home safe so that I may continue to torture you next year.

OK, that’s all. Have a goody and DFU.